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Technical Equipment for Large-Scale Catering Establishments – Efficiency and Sustainability Set the Agenda

Published in frozen food europe 7,8/2014 As in other branches, there are also issues in the catering industry, which have preoccupied companies for many years, and in fact with a clear growing complexity: efficiency and sustaina-bility belong to these most important issues. How do manufacturers deal with them?  

Foodservice Equipment: Optimization and Equipment Innovations – A Large Innovative Potential

Published in frozen frozen food europe 1,2/2014 We do not know at present what a commercial kitchen will look like in five to ten years. Never-theless, we can assume that at least the innovative manufacturers will monitor their cooking, cooling, and dish washing processes more precisely than today. They will collect much more data, which the cooks have to evaluate, and they will have to work with their resources even more carefully. The professionals will focus increasingly in the future on cycles like those of thermodynamics (cooking, blast chilling/ flash freezing, storage/moving out of storage, distribution) or the consumption control of energy or fresh and used water.  

German Out-of-Home-Market — Growth in All Segments

Published in frozen frozen food europe 1,2/2014 The out-of-home markets in Great Britain and France have grown in 2012. The same goes for the German out-of-home market, in which a sales volume of €67 billion (2.6%) has been real-ized. How does this market differ from the other ones in Europe?