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Sustanability and economic success are closely connected – Sustainable Food Service Management

Published in frozen frozen food europe 9,10/13 It is a matter of survival to have long-lasting economic success. Companies have to take profits continually from their main business because this is their business objective and secures their future. Even businesses in the catering industry have to be successful economically. As a can-teen of a company or as a food service facility of a hospital, they don’t always have to make a profit, but in any case, they have to avoid losses, for instance, by keeping their budgets. Which connection exists now between sustainability and economic success?  

Innovative Solutions Begin in Our Minds — Thermal and Cooling Equipment Dovetail More and More

Published in frozen frozen food europe 7,8/2013 Kitchens are very often too large and have oversized, poorly utilized devices. The kitchen team cooks with one method (for instance Cook & Serve). That’s why commercial kitchen enterprises are not as profitable as they could be under other circumstances. Whoever would like to re-organize his or her enterprise has to think everything over very carefully because innovative solutions begin in the mind.  

Total Foodservice Sales – €65 billion German restaurateurs buy food for almost €14 billion.

Published in frozen frozen food europe 1,2/2013 Almost all segments of the out-of-home market are developing positively. The entire purchasing volume for food amounts to €13.6 billion. The largest part is handled by the specialist trade for food. We are providing you with an update of the development.