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Lower Energy Costs: There are Many Ways to Reach the Common Goal – tips for Investments and the Operation of Existing Equipment

Published in frozen frozen food europe 9,10/2012 Good kitchen equipment has a lifespan of eight to ten years and more. When a culinary professional considers the entire costs that a piece of equipment generates during its period of use, then he or she realizes that often less than 50% of the entire costs are allotted to the purchasing price. If a manufacturer guarantees low operation costs, it is therefore usually an indication that his or her equipment uses little energy, water, cleaning agents, or other substances.  

Innovation Transfer from Foodservice to Food Retail — Food Retail Profits from the Innovations in Foodservice

Published in frozen frozen food europoe 7,8/2012 Hypermarkets as well as shopping malls are integrating food service more and more into their activities. That’s why technological developments for these companies are very interesting. To use space optimally, to simplify processes, to make mobile cooking easier, to cut down on re-sources; these are some of the topics in the following article.  

The German Foodservicemarket, Facts & Figures — Ø 770 Euros per capita for eating out of home

Published in frozen frozen food europe 1,2/2012 In 2011, the providers of gastronomical services and their food and non-food suppliers in Germany were able to do good business due to the positive economic environment. The re-al gross domestic product grew by 2.9% in 2011 and is therefore above-average compared to the 27 countries of the European Union (1.6%).