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Technological Innovations: Novelties in Professional Large-Scale Kitchens – Extremely Exciting New Developments

Published in frozen food europe 3,4/2016 Procedures in large-scale kitchens are becoming increasingly automated – they are supposed to become more reasonable and hygienically safer. Perhaps food will be brought to the wards of hospitals and nursing homes without human intervention in the future. With which technological novelties will the professionals in large-scale kitchens have to be concerned with?  

The German Dining-Out Industry 2014/2015 – Caterers and Restaurateurs on the Upswing

Published in frozen food europe 1,2/2016 Heat, The Soccer World Championship, and tourism blessed the German dining-out industry with a good turnover in 2014/2015. The sector economy was only clouded by the loss in sales of two large franchises. However, decisive questions remain unsettled for the further development.